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About US

We’ve converted our French fine wine and vineyard assets worth €32M into an Ethereum coin called VINX. The value of the VINX coin is determined by evaluating its asset, FIAT, and cryptocurrency values. You can buy VINX Coins with CryptoCurrencies from your wallet or ​use a credit card​and buy direct VINX Coins.

About Us

VINX COIN STO Wine and VIneyard Backed Assets

First Wine & Vineyard Backed STO Token unlocking the secrets of wealthy investors

The World First Stable-Coin 100% Asset Backed By Wine And Vineyard Investment Funds

Solid Return / Low Risk

10-38% a year returns on a fully insured and bonded stable assets back VINX COIN STO. Wine investing has always been a safe haven for the world’s most wealthy investors.

Buy Back and Dividends

VINC COIN offers a guaranteed buyback in the Spring of 2021 and also a quarterly dividend of at least 5%. VINX is  focused on investors returns and injecting liquidity into VINX COIN before exchange launch.

Security, Privacy

Next level in client security, VCM takes your security and privacy very serious. We offer even our most discreet clients the ultimate in privacy.

Flexible Investing

Want to invest with monthly deposits, a large lump sum, or both? Invest, withdraw, and invest again. Change the risk levels as you wish.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

VINX the investment For All Investors

Founded in 2016 by Erick Sabelskjold, VCM and VINX is the first company to allow investors to buy fractional shares representing ownership of  investment grade French wines and vineyards. 

Our Work Inspires Greatness

The Faces Behind VINX COIN Success

Jacalyn Dubois


Solid Solutions LLC

Vineyard Acquisition

Holt Family Offices

Wine Acquisition

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