The world first stable-coin 100% asset backed by Wine and vineyard investment funds


VINX Coin is the world’s first decentralized fine French wine and vineyard backed Security Token Offering (STO) where anyone can be a fine French wine and vineyard owner from the comfort of their home. VINX removes high cost to enter the fine French wine and vineyard ownership markets.
Using blockchain and fine wine and vineyard investment fund technologies, VINX brings never-seen-before transparency to fractional wine and vineyard ownership.
VINX is currently conducting a Security Token Offering (STO). Beginners who are interested in crypto trading can look for cheap cryptocurrencies. However, you must see which cheap cryptocurrencies have potential to fetch you good returns. Analyze the market carefully before making your decision. Subscribe to stay in touch with the latest developments or open an account today FREE.
VINX COIN STO Award Winning Stable Coin Asset Backed.

Watch the short explainer video VCM asset that back VINX Coins, learn more about the exciting and profitable world of wine and vineyard investment.

VINX Asset-backed tokens manage some of the volatility of the cryptocurrency


VINX Coins are top-notch Security Token Offering (STO)

First Wine & Vineyard backed STO Token

What is VINX Coins?

The VINX in VINXcoin stands for Wine and VIneyard Investment Fund. This fund is backed by an already functioning and profitable business – Vinito Capital Management .

VCM is fully operational and regulated fine French wine and vineyard investment funds with assets under management of €32M. VCM has three years established track record with thier find French wine sales and vineyard ownership and management. VINX Coins are directly performance backed by the VCM award winning investment funds.  

No more empty promises. Invest in a real token with a real business that is managed by a professional team of industry experts.

Buying VINX Tokens from our security token offering (STO) will allow Investors to participate in an existing and money making business that is at the beginning of a long-term, sustainable growth. VINX token holders will be able to trade on multiple exchange platforms as well as exchange for Ethereum coins since the VINX coins is built and managed on the ERC-20 platform. For trading, visit It is an automated trading software that accurately predicts the movement of the crypto market and trades accordingly.

VINX COIN STO Infrastructure

VINX STO / Pre ICO Infrastructure

Blockchain Transparency.

Everything is publicly verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.

Open Source Crowdsale.

You send money to the smart contract, you get shares. No humans. No funny business.


Company profit is shared proportional to ownership. Expect 5% quarterly return each quarter plus the the actual exchange price.

VCM Award Winning Wine and Vineyard Funds is the asset backing for VINX Coins. VCM has €32,000,000 AUM and each VINX Coin is backed per share of VCM funds that average share price is €750 per share

Voting Rights.

Vote on key business decisions through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization technique.

Insider Lockout.

Insiders are not able to sell their shares until 14 months after the sale completion. You’re protected against insiders dumping their shares.

Token Buyback For 2021

VINX Coin buyback program shows that VINX believes its tokens will be undervalued in 2021. The VINX buyback offer is an efficient method of putting money back in VINX buyers pockets.

Easiest Steps Ever STO Investing

Buy and Hold VINX ERC-20 Tokens in your personal wallet and get interests paid to your wallets automatically. Trade your DIC Tokens at any point of time


Buy VINX (STO) Secure Tokens in our Private Secure Token Offering

Guarantee Returns

Get guaranteed 5% quarterly ROI backed by VCM wine & vineyard funds assets. Returns deposited to your account at the end of each quarter.

Crypto Wallet or Credit Card

Buy your VINX Coins with your CryptoCurrencies from your wallet or use a credit card and buy direct VINX Coins. MetaMask is recommended.

Buy & Sales

Once the VINX token offering is closed you will be able to buy and sell tokens on open listed exchanges.


VINX COIN Wine Vineyard Fund Backed Stablecoin
Sale DatesMarch 2020 - July 2020
Soft Cap$500,000
Hard Cap$27,000,000
Pre STO1 ETH = 2,300 VINX COIN5,000,000
STO1 ETH = 1,150 VINX COIN20,000,000
Final Round1 ETH = 511 VINX COIN25,000,000
Total Supply VINX55,000,000
VCM Asset Value€32,000,000

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