VINX Coin STO Announces Token Buyback For 2021

VINX Coin repurchase program shows that VINX believes its tokens will be undervalued in 2021. The VINX buyback offer is an efficient method of putting money back in VINX buyers pockets.

The VINX token repurchase will reduce the number of existing VINX COINS, making each worth a greater percentage of the corporation.

VINX Coin STO Guaranteed Token Buyback

Buyback Benefits For VINX Investors!

VINX Investors get guaranteed liquidity value, price support , and Improved liquidity

Profit share to investors without resulting in immediate taxation on capital gains

Reducing the number of shares means earnings per share (EPS), revenue and cash flow grow more quickly.

Accelerate growth of VINX ecosystem, onboard new users, and drive community awareness

VINX is pleased to announce its plans to buyback up to 5.5 million VINX COINS or approximately 10% of current circulating supply in preparation for VINX beta platform release plans Spring 2021. Beyond simply removing some VINX Coins from current market conditions, VINX plans to allocate the repurchased VINX tokens exclusively for incentivization early adopters and driving community engagement on the VINX platform. A percentage of the repurchased tokens will be burned as well.

“The buyback program is part of a multi-fork strategy to accelerate growth of the VINX ecosystem, onboard new users, drive community awareness and engagement and ultimately to further enhance the value and liquidity of the VINX token ecosystem.” 

The buyback program will commence on 01 April 2021 and is expected to conclude by 31 July 2021.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

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Buyback Details


The VINX Coin buyback is scheduled to start 1st of Aril 2021 and end the 1st of August 2021

Tokens to Buyback

VINX will buy back 10% of all issued tokens up to 5.5 million VINX Coins.

Buyback Price

VINX will have several factors to give a transparent buyback price to token holders. MIN $5 & $10 MAX per VINX Coin.