Announcing the launch of VINX, Vinito Capital Management’s first STO

Announcing the launch of VINX, Vinito Capital Management’s first STO

On March 2nd,​ VCM is launching VINX, its very first STO coin​ backed by our French fine wine and vineyard investment fund ​assets of €32M.

Ok let’s back up. What is an STO?

An STO is a Security Token Offering. It is a form of cryptocurrency made with blockchain technology that is backed by real assets. When you purchase an STO, this means you have fractional ownership of the company selling it. ​Think of it like crowdfunding of a venture or project, but with cryptocurrency, and when you invest you become a partial owner and receive dividend payments.

How is an STO different than an ICO?

An ICO is an Initial Coin Offering. It is also an unregulated form of cryptocurrency used for the purpose of funding a venture, but there is no collateral and no dividend payments. Your returns come only from selling your ICO back on the market.

The main difference between an STO and an ICO is that ​an STO is regulated and you receive dividends on your investment.

What are the advantages of STO vs. ICO?


It says it in the name: ​Security T​ oken Offering. STOs are ​safe, secure, and credible​ because they are ​enforced by federal regulations​.​ In the US, this means they comply with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. Meanwhile, ​over 80% of ISOs have been reported to be a scam​. This fraud led to a massive burst of the ICO bubble in 2018 when median returns fell to -87%.

Ownership of Underlying Assets

When you invest in STOs, you are purchasing an actual asset for which ​you become a partial owner​. When you purchase an ICO, you only get paid when you sell your ICO back on the market (assuming there’s a demand), and your purchase is not actually backed by anything of value. In other words, ISOs are a​ “toxic waste dump of financial assets.”

Voting Rights

When you invest in STOs, ​you get voting rights with the company.​ With ICOs, you buy into the company without any voice into its business affairs.

Why VINX STO is the best option in crypto for investors

So, what’s the deal with VINX?

At VCM we are set to release our very first STO coin, called VINX, by March 2nd. VINX removes the high cost to enter the fine French wine and vineyard ownership markets. It allows you to purchase our assets using blockchain cryptocurrency. Everything is fully regulated and SEC approved. ​With VINX, company profit is shared proportional to ownership.

What are the expected returns with VINX?

Expect 5% returns each quarter plus the the actual exchange price. ​Thanks to the magic of compound interest, that’s over 21% annual returns. Our funds are consistently among the ​best performing high yield alternative investments​ in the world.​ For reference, ​our 2019 total-fund return on investment was 48%.

How does purchasing a VINX coin work?

We’ve converted our French fine wine and vineyard assets worth €32M into an Ethereum coin called VINX. The value of the VINX coin is determined by evaluating its asset, FIAT, and cryptocurrency values. You can buy VINX Coins with CryptoCurrencies from your wallet or ​use a credit card​and buy direct VINX Coins.​VINX token holders will be able to trade on multiple exchange platforms as well as exchange for Ethereum coins since the VINX coins are built and managed on the ERC-20 platform.

VINX STO / Pre ICO Infrastructure

Ready to invest with VINX coins? Have questions? Simply want to learn more?

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