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Borrow against your VINX-VXC coins, up-to $10 each, without selling your crypto.

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Take advantage of the special VINX-VXC credit line to unlock the liquidity of your coins now!

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Learn how the special credit line offer gives you huge tax savings to earn cash with your VINX.


As soon as your VINX-VXC are deposited into our wallets your accounts starts earning money.

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VINX Board of Directors has just approved an instant credit line up to 50% of all VINX/VXC for token holders. The VINX-VXC credit line will be backed by a liquidity fund, coming into effect by January 1st-15th 2021.

As a part of our recently launched tokenomics overhaul at VINX, this latest development seeks to reward VINX-VXC Token holders for their investment and loyalty, and bolster the stability and growth potential of our native tokens. Without further ado, we present the VINX-VXC credit line program.

VINX Credit Line Benefits

The credit line program boosts token liquidity, thus reducing price volatility, and gives token holders additional security that the token’s value will continue to rise. As we continue to maintain a limited VINX-VXC Token supply, our credit line program lays the foundations for the sustainable growth of the VINX-VXC economy.

Credit Line Model Mechanism

For retail and private VINX-VXC holders. This mechanism will take advantage of the Zuckerberg Tax rules. Here is a short overview of how this tax strategy is used by the super rich.

“David S. Miller writes that when Facebook goes public later this year, Mark Zuckerberg plans to exercise stock options worth $5 billion of the $28 billion that his ownership stake will be worth and since the $5 billion he will receive will be treated as salary, Zuckerberg will have a tax bill of more than $2 billion making him, quite possibly, the largest taxpayer in history. But how much income tax will Zuckerberg pay on the rest of his stock that he won’t immediately sell? Nothing, nada, zilch. He can simply use his stock as collateral to borrow against his tremendous wealth and avoid all tax. That’s what Lawrence J. Ellison, the chief executive of Oracle, did, reportedly borrowing more than a billion dollars against his Oracle shares to buy one of the most expensive yachts in the world. Or consider the case of Steven P. Jobs who never sold a single share of Apple after he rejoined the company in 1997, and therefore never paying a penny of tax on the over $2 billion of Apple stock he held at his death. Now Jobs’ widow can sell those shares without paying any income tax on the appreciation before his death — only on the increase in value from the time of his death to the time of the sale — because our tax system is based on the concept of “realization.” Individuals are not taxed until they actually sell property and realize their gains.

The VINX credit line mechanism will take advantage and protect investors by shielding them from tax liability until they cash out from the fund. With the credit line buyback you are NOT receiving capital for your coins but a loan. The loan protects you from early tax liabilities in all jurisdictions. No transfer of ownership takes place for the credit line.

The VINX credit line also allows VINX-VXC to offer more creative ways to raise capital in secondary markets if we show credit line (loans) on the books. 

The credit line is a delayed buyback at the fund start date; your VINX and VXC coins are deposited into the credit line fund (“Casino Royal”) up-to 50% of the amount of VINX-VXC you hold.

Start value of the credit line is $5, and each month after that your credit line increases by $1 each month to reach a total of $10 each coin deposited into the credit line (“Casino Royal”) fund. 

In addition a small monthly compounding interest will be awarded to anyone that takes advance of the credit line fund. This rate has not yet been finalized.

Also a performance bonus will be offered at payout if the VINX and VXC trade above a certain threshold. For example if VXC is trading above $25 at the end of the fund then you will be given an 2% bonus beyond your final credit line price of $10 a coin. 

At this time no account payments will be offered, but we hope to offer this option after 6 months from, the fund start date.

Interest will be charged to your credit line for the term of the loan. VINX will calculate the interest in advance and deposit the amount to cover this into your account with the number of VXC coins to cover these fees. 

Storage: For full transparency VINX VXC Tokens will be placed in an Investor Protection Reserve (IPR), visible at this public ERC-20 address. Tokens locked into the IPR will not be eligible for trading, making the program all the more beneficial to loyal VINX-VXC Token holders.

Vesting: Each credit line participant will vest for a minimum of 12 months. As we work hard to set a market for VINX and VXC we ask no one who participates in the credit line offer to trade their tokens for the first 12 months as well.

At the end of the fund 12 months vesting all participants will be cashed out into the bank account of their choice in full. At this point we will need to discuss the best exit strategy for clients based on their current tax situations.

Future buybacks: Additional budgets may be allocated for future repurchases in accordance with company growth and market conditions.


Use your VINX to earn up to $10 per coin.

50% of VINX

Deposit up to 50% of the VINX-VXC your holding into your wallet and earn.

Track Real Time

See your account performance and tracking in real time fro your client login.

VXC Wine Utility Token

12 Months

Only 12 months and you can cash out your credit line into the bank account of your choice.

Tax Benefits

VINX tax lawyers structured these credit lines to help offset your tax liabilities.

No Trading

We ask that you hold the remainder of your coins and not trade for the 12 months.

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Borrow against your VINX-VXC coins, up-to $10 each, without selling your crypto.

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