Global Wine Market Outlook, Beyond Coronavirus 2020

The global wine market was valued at 354.7 billion USD in 2019.

The world of wine is massive. We at VCM tend to highlight just the European wines since that is what backs your fine wine investments, but actually wine is produced on all continents except Antarctica. This means that the wine industry is as big as its geography is wide!

How something that doesn’t even exist yet, is making you richer, like Trump

Trump-Wine-Investments richer with VCM and VINX

Here at VCM, we can see the future. It’s bright, ruby colored, with medium acidity, and it smells like crushed violet, black currant, and hints of mint. Surprise, surprise, it’s wine. The grapes haven’t been picked yet, nor the wines blended, but we’re already putting it into our investment portfolios.

First Quarter VCM Wine Investment Fund Results

First quarter report spy 500 VINX 2020

US equity markets delivered their worse quarterly performance since the Great Recession of 2008. To put it another way, your portfolio never needed diversification and protection as much as it does right now. Asset classes which have resisted to the COVID-19 are very rare.