VINX COIN [Stable-Coin] Security Token Offering Now Open to Public

VINX COIN STO asset backed by some of France’s best wineries and vineyards that are operated by Vinito Capital Management [VCM].

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Phase 1 of VINX COIN’s Security Token Offering [STO] is currently underway.

VINX COIN is currently in talks with a number of exchanges to provide blockchain enthusiasts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and investors options when wanting to grab some VINX after Phase 3 of their STO wraps up.

The easiest way to currently get in on this STO is exchange for Ethereum on the ERC-20 VINX COIN. Yuu can also use a credit card to buy VINX if your not comfortable with crypto wallets. 

Over the past few years Security Token Offerings also known as Tokenized IPO’s have risen in popularity as the breadth of the blockchain space continues to take off. With more and more corporations, wall street, and overall institutional money getting interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the future of the corporate world looks like it will be tokenized nearly in whole.


Token Offering / Phases / Supply / VCM Asset Value

Token Offering : Phases : Supply : VCM Asset Value
Fractional Ownership Through Tokenization

VINX COIN through their backed assets of VCM allows all wine, vineyard, and investing enthusiasts to fractionally own a piece of the fine wine industry. Through the tokenization of hard assets in wines and vineyards located in France, investors are able to have 24/7 & 365 days a year access to their investments and their tokens.


Vinito Capital Management is rated among the top alternative investment funds in the world . Their alternative investment fund “One Glass is Not Enough,” which is backed by more than $1 million USD in French fine wines, was recently ranked #1 in Morgan Hedge Fund’s list of top 10 alternative hedge funds. Over the last 36 months VCM accomplished this impressive feat and this fund in particular yielded a 59.4% return on investment [ROI].


VCM’s Award Winning Wine and Vineyard Funds are the asset backing for VINX Coins as noted. VCM has €32,000,000 AUM and each VINX Coin is backed per share of VCM funds. The average price is €750 per share.

Fractional Ownership Through Tokenization

Voting Rights

Blockchain has many intricacies that make up a beautiful, decentralized, working organism; furthermore, this organism allows for trust minimized voting as well as value exchange. Today, our data is extremely valuable and when pertaining to business decisions that are made with investor money, Voting Rights are exercised through this exchange of data on the blockchain. The exchange or vote casting via blockchain’s utility allows for investors to exercise voting rights and vote on key business decisions through Ethereum’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization [DAO] technique.

Insider Lockout

Insiders are not able to sell their shares until 14 months after the sale completion. You’re protected against insiders dumping their shares.

VINX Framework

VINX COIN is built upon the Ethereum blockchain and launched as an ERC-20 token. These tokens are located on the 2nd most popular and arguably secure blockchain in existence to date. The Ethereum blockchain has more full nodes running than any other blockchain in existence and through launching on Ethereum, VINX COIN gets to enjoy certain features of an already popular and time tested blockchain.


Vinito Wine Funds has bases in Georgia and Luxembourg. Vinito Wine Funds is one of the most prominent and leading crowd investment fund managers the world over. They’ve been proudly managing exclusive private wine funds since 2016.

VINX COIN Rothschild Latour Margaux

Tech, Wine, & Investing Enthusiasts Merge

The modality of blockchain tech advocates and investors are inextricably linked; moreover, each rewards first movers more than later adopters in successful projects. Thus, each undertaking is loaded with some of the most brilliant and wealthy people around the world while being connected through blockchain technology and emerging markets.

In 2018 Vinito Wines completed the 3rd closing of its new wine fund, the From Bordeaux with Love, at €250,000. That fund is a continuation of Vinito Wine’s global strategy successfully implemented in its two existing funds.

Since their inception, VCM has searched for the most promising fines wines. Through their dedication they’ve built revolutionary investment vehicles for public and institutional investors. Their continued success is a testament to the confidence investors have put forth and the portfolio they’ve grown since they launched.




Vinito Capital Management




Always do your own research [dyor] in the blockchain & cryptocurrency space and make sure any investments in the space are legal in your territory, you’re the captain of your own financial ship. Note: VINX COIN is a sponsor of & the Vires in Numeris Podcast.

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