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Vinito Capital Management releases VINX, its first fine wine and vineyard backed STO coin

A fine wine and vineyard investment company launches an asset backed Ethereum cryptocurrency token.

Monte Carlo; Today, Vinito Capital Management (VCM), a fine wine and vineyard investment company, is announcing the release of its first Security Token Offering (STO) coin called VINX, backed by assets worth €32 million. With this coin, investors can now purchase VCM shares on the Ethereum ERC-20 platform.

VCM funds are consistently rated among the highest performing alternative investments in the world. In 2019, VCM’s total return on investment was 48%.

Expected quarterly returns on VINX shares are 5% plus the actual exchange price.

The roll out of VINX is occurring in three phases:

  • Phase One - Pre-STO shares are available to early investors who will receive 2,300 VINX COINS for one Etherum. Est = $0.10 per token.
  • Phase Two - STO shares are open to all investors who will receive 1,150 VINX COINS for one Etherum. Est = $0.20 per token.
  • Phase Three - This is the final round open for public investment. Investors will 511 VINX COINS for one Etherum. Est = $0.45 per token.

VCM founder and CEO, Erick Sabelskjöld, states that this coin will remove the high cost for investors to enter the fine wine and vineyard ownership market. “The VINX coin makes it possible to purchase fractional ownership of our fine wine and vineyard portfolios, meaning a lower barrier to entry for investors.”

The VINX coin has many additional benefits, including:

  • Blockchain transparency - VINX coins are regulated and publicly verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Secure Open Source Crowdsale - VINX trading is operated via a secure smart contract.
  • Dividends - Company profit is shared proportional to ownership.
  • Voting Rights - Vote on key business decisions through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization technique.
  • Insider Lockout - Insiders are not able to sell their shares until 14 months after the sale completion, so investors are protected against share dumping.

VINX coins can be purchased using Ethereum, most cryptocurrencies or with a credit card.

For more information visit or contact Erick Sabelskjöld ([email protected]).

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